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Website Management Tools Once your website is up and running, there's a variety of website management tools available to you.

  • CPanel Control Panel
    You will be able to manage your hosting account with the help of the most popular web-based control panel: the CPanel. With the help of its easy interface you will upload files, manage your email accounts, view your website statistics, park domains, manage FTP accounts, subdomains, databases, etc.
  • Fantastico Script Auto-installer
    Fantastico auto-installer is included in the SiteGround hosting package! With its help you will be able to install many useful scripts on your account with only a few mouse clicks. The most popular installs included in Fantastico are Mambo, phpBB, OS Commerce, Coppermine Gallery and many more.
  • File Manager
    With the help of a user-friendly interface you can easily manage all the files uploaded on your account from your CPanel
  • Password Protected Directories
    This feature allows you to limit the access to certain directories for specified users only. For example you can easily create a members' area.
  • Password Management
    You can easily change the password of your Customer Area.
  • Edit Mime Types
    MIME types tell browsers how to handle specific extensions. You can alter or add new MIME types. MIME types are often used to handle new technologies as they appear. When WAP technology first appeared for example, we did not have these extensions set up on our servers. With the MIME types, however, each of our customers could set it up and begin serving WAP pages immediately.
  • Edit Apache Handlers
    Apache handlers tell the server how to deal with web files that need to be processed on the server. For example, Apache is set up to process files with .pl extensions using Perl. However, if for some reason you also want to process files with .script extension using Perl, then you can set up a custom Apache handler for your site.
  • Cron Jobs
    Cron jobs allow you to automate repetitive tasks on the server that hosts your web site. This is a powerful tool that allows you to take a hands-free approach to repetitive tasks. For example, you could add a cron job that automatically copies a MySQL database to a separate location on your site as a backup.
  • IP Banning/Filtering
    The IP manager in the CPanel allows you to ban and filter IPs.
  • Redirect URL
    The Redirect URL manager in the CPanel allows you to redirect any URL hosted on your account to opens another URL.
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
    SSI enables you to include parts of other sites in your site.
  • Hot Link Protection
    The CPanel allows you to protect your website content from HotLinking. HotLinking is when someone links a content from your website in a way that consumes your bandwidth.
  • Www and non-www Access
    Your website will be accessble no matter if your visitors type its domain with or without WWW.

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