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Web Hosting is the Backbone of Any Successful Website. Why Take Chances With Your Success?

Being web developers since 1995, we understand that Internet and computer technology is known to present challenges beyond even the most talented computer Geek's control. That's why the core of your online business needs to be as stable and durable as technology would permit. This doesn't have to be exorbitantly expensive. On the contrary, better and better technology is getting more and more affordable all the time.

So why not just put your website on a cheap $2-a-month server? Well there's a vast difference between affordable and cheap. "Bargain" hosting companies that boast cheap prices for Joomla!® and Mambo hosting will throw your site onto an overcrowded server that runs extremely slow and goes down on a regular basis. This is no bargain. Not only is this annoying and inconvenient to you, imagine what your visitors and customers will think!

Content Management System Web Hosting with a Personal Touch!

Other "cheap" hosting companies may not provide all the necessary technology or security to fully support Joomla! or Mambo systems. You may find that even though some of the features work, others will not (especially when dealing with third party extensions). Bottom line... After you've spent the money, time, and effort to get your website online, the last thing you want to hear is that it doesn't function the way you need it to because of where it's located.

So why do cheap hosting companies under deliver when modern technology has made it so easy to over deliver? It's one very simple answer: Greed. The people running these companies use the same technology as the good hosting companies, but they sell it so cheap that they need a lot more people buying space on it. This abuses their servers to the degree that they no longer function as originally intended. It doesn't matter if it's the finest computer known to the civiliized world. Overcrowding makes for poor performance.

We take personal pride in your website's performance and hosting is where it all begins. We've tried the cheap places and got out of there FAST. We've tried the over-priced ones too and really couldn't justy the expense. Then we found the right mixture of the two and that's where we will place your website  - alongside our other happy clients.

After all, we do not provide hosting packages to just anyone... Our CMS hosting service is exclusively for our website clients that are either having a Joomla! or Mambo website built by us or are being converted to one.

Technology isn't perfect yet, but the problems can certainly be minimized. Take a look around and discover just how powerful these servers really are. Or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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